Friday, July 25

I went - I poppedUP - I partied!

Oh my goodness - the Soiree and popUP shop at Cedar Chest Antique Mall was SEW MUCH FUN!!!

Friday morning I loaded up, loaded up some more - made the resident teen break a sweat before 10am (after I had the red.neck in charge working with me half the night!) - and set up! Shannon, the CEO of Cedar Chest, gave up her own space right inside the front door, so when you walked in and turned to the right...

you couldn't miss me!

In the "popUP shop" section, I had just my "fashion" department ("home" and "life" stayed in my normal shop space)... let me take you on a tour!

As soon as you entered, my "wear it." pearl-snap shirts were waiting for everyone to try them on, and find the perfect name and/or design!

Right past the pearl-snaps, I had a "sitting room", because stuff like that is important, and it came in VERY handy!!!

Lendi (aka: The Threadbare Gypsy) came to celebrate with me at the Soiree Friday evening, and Holli (aka: Holli's Hoots and Hollers) brought me lunch, and hung out with me Sunday afternoon! The rest of the time, the chairs were filled with old friends, new friends - family and loved ones!

The chairs are also filled with bullet holes... *grin*

Next up:

the "sparkle it." jewelry table. Complete with my Velvet Elvis as the table cover!
hunka-hunka-burnin' love!

And then, of course, was my shelf, and various hang-it-on-it things with my "carry it." pocketbooks!

I love the look on people's faces when they find out I made them, and then when they read WHAT they are made out of!!! I don't discriminate... if I can cut it and sew it, I will make a pocketbook out of it.

Friday night was the Soiree. Did I take pictures of it? No.

The food set-up was crazy cute and fun! "the Mama" made mini birthday cupcakes with sparkles, and glitter, and sprinkles, and more sparkles, so I parked them on the license plate cupcake stand you can see in the picture above. She had also thrown in a can of nuts, so the dump truck (in the photo, hiding under the shelves!) held a cute box with the nuts in it! "the Mama" also provided a FANTASTIC vintage metal cooler for ice (she might not get that back!), and a cute little "redneck-ish" igloo for peach tea!

I attempted some cookies that looked SUPER EASY to make on Pinterest, but apparently they aren't THAT easy for the cooking challenged. Luckily, my "Ethyl" made some corn dip to go with Frito's that was so GOOD it had ME asking for the recipe.

That evening, the whole mall was full of laughter! Everyone came to visit, and shop, and visit some more - other vendors stopped in to meet-n-greet and have some fun... My face still hurts from laughing!

I'm READY to go for many more years! I can't thank each of you enough for reading along, for coming to visit, the other vendors for entertaining my insanity, "the Mama" and "Ethyl" for feeding us all - and Shannon for opening the Cedar Chest doors and welcoming a bunch of crazy red.necks!!!

Let's do it again next year!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I made a really grin-worthy observation during the Soiree and popUP shop...

Tuesday, July 15

Let's Party Like it's 2008!

In June of 2008 I went to a yard sael.

Seriously. The sign said "sael". This is the actual sign. hahahaHA!

Piles of junk and more junk, alllll spread out in front of a double-wide: the poster-woman for TRUE redneck (i'm gonna let you use your imagination re: what she looked like. be very creative...) was in charge. And - she LOVED my purse. After purchasing a pillowcase and some belts (even though I was short a quarter!), I got in my car to head home... slightly traumatized by the thought that only a REDNECK could appreciate my pocketbook made out of re.po'd vintage fabrics and other fun stuff.

41 miles.

I was 41 miles away from home. But, you know how it goes... by mile marker 3, I had thought of my business name, "red.neck Chic". By mile marker 9, I had my logo designed in my head. By mile marker 14, I had my tag line (re.defining redneck Style...). By mile marker 17, I had my branding and packaging perfected in my head. All the rest of the miles home saw me jumping in my car seat with excitement and ridiculously happy JOY.

By the time I parked in my driveway, I knew that my passion and business had just collided in the way that is unique to me... and I was off like a crazed roll of duct tape!!!

I started with a small "shop space" in Hillsboro Antique Mall, tucked safe and sound under the stairs.

I had NO CLUE what I was doing... but I had some SERIOUS fun figuring it out!

I continued to grow...

and grow some more!

Then - I decided it was time for my first show with red.neck Chic, sew I hit the road...

and found Jessica and Joe, aka: Funky Finds!

 After that, I felt like I was finding my groove, so I tackled my first outdoor show...

and thought I was going to have to lock myself in to the crazy farm.

To this day, I STILL shudder when I think of the 110 degrees in the shade - on ASPHALT - that happened the day of the Peach Festival.

In between the shows, I got invited in to an art gallery in Dallas...

I've popped my duct tape roll in to various shoppes and boutiques, and I started rolling my duct tape in to Zapp Hall for a few years...

These are the only 2 photos I can find of my various tents over a 3 or 4 year period!

and I kept growing in the Hillsboro Antique Mall.
I moved in to the second side of the mall...

and I eventually spread allllll the way across the back 40 of the second side of the mall.

Other shows, the addition of "soiree's" and popUP shops, expansions to the product lines I offer (fashion. home. life.), and THEN: a second (and NEW!) location inside the Cedar Chest Antique Mall!

And now that we are up to date? It's time to celebrate all of this duct tapin' FUN!!!

Yes... it's belated, but I'm just cool like that. haha!

It's going to be SEW FUN!!! I have swag bags I'm building, and "festive drinks and tasty eats" I'm planning on finding someone to cook (i'm thinking the fire department doesn't need to be involved in this celebration...) for the Soirée... pocketbooks, pearl-snaps, sparkly things, smell good soaps, paper stuff and concrete things - ANYthing and EVERYthing I can think of - for the Soirée and popUP shop!!!

I would love to see you there!!! If I can't, I'll keep you posted over the miles - that way we can both pretend you're there!

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I can't WAIT to see what my next 6 years brings! It's been sew fun this far - can you imagine how many giggles you and I are going to have in the future? hee-hee


Saturday, July 12

the month (no, wait...) the YEAR of...

*i'm waving at you!!!*

Did you think I had been kidnapped? No. The kidnappers would have returned me immediately, citing "pain and suffering" while demanding a full refund.



I've just been... HERE! Well, obviously not HERE, but HERE! One day at a time, trying to stay out of trouble, making great things, having ideas and more ideas, having FUN, taking lots of pictures, making more great things... HERE! Big HUGE things have happened, little things have happened... we'll get back to those at a later date! You'll love it!

First and Foremost (and because I left off here!): The resident teen graduated! AND! He's already completed his first year of college!

Could I be more proud of him? nope. Do I see him anymore? nope.

He started college full-time (honor roll!!!), then started working all of the other time, then - you know - he has to do all the things college kids do. I know he's still around because there are dirty dishes in the sink sometimes.

my favorite blurry photo EVER.
All kidding aside, I am SO proud of the man he is becoming!

He still gives me hugs all of the time, and when I send the random, "what are you doing" texts, he answers - even though I know he's rolling his eyes.

red.neck Chic is continuing to go strong, and is just growing, and growing!!! I'm in The Hillsboro Antique Mall still, I've done a couple of shows, I keep rollin' the duct tape roll of red.neck Chic fun in to various shoppes... AND I've moved in to Cedar Chest Antique Mall!!! There is some celebrating gonna happen, but we will get back to THAT too...

If you can't wait, you can always find me on Facebook, and on Instagram. But, I promise on my duct tape, I won't make you wait again. I know this 'cause I have about 10 more blog posts in "draft". haha!!! Some were started last year, some at Christmas, some whoknowswhen... do you KNOW how many stories I have to catch you up on? hee-hee-hee

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide, where have I told you that I have MISSED you?!?! I miss you.

Wednesday, June 12

the month of may... part 1

i left off at Prom (and the First Lady of the neighborhood association is demanding an update!)... if i remember correctly, prom was in April, and i reported in to you in May. i could be really really really wrong though because i still kinda think this is January.  :-D

i saw a rabbit... okay, i saw a lot of rabbits. they are ALLLLL over my 'hood this spring and summer!

it's become a big joke in the single-wide about how if you wanna know where i've been, or what i've seen, look through my camera card. it's also become a big joke that really strange things catch my eye through my camera lens and i feel compelled to photograph them... but that's a whole 'nother story...

for now - i've decided to tell you a pictorial story of my May... and because my camera card holds vast amounts of extremely random stuff (and that isn't even including the picture folders on my phone!!!) - this will be a two-parter...

part 1:

(it started with the rabbit.)

the man-child had his very last high school band concert where he pulled a fast one and traded the trombone for the baritone... he does that sometimes.

then, one bright, saturday morning, i headed off for a tractor pull that the ultimate redneck - my Uncle - was pullin' in...

i looked for petal powered tractors, but i didn't see any.

not tooooo far in to this fun little road trip, i got sidetracked by an estate sale sign. on the way to the estate sale, i crossed this bridge and became fascinated with the yellow... so i pulled over.

when i was little - we used to swim in this creek...

instead of counting my age in years - i've decided i'm going to count it in dropping water levels... ;-D OBVIOUSLY i was little a lot of water levels ago!!!

and i saw this... growing in rock and debris, yellow stuff and asphalt... that's pretty fun, right? so i took a picture of it.

i made it to the estate sale and found some barrels and an old tv stand and a various assortment of other fun... did i take pictures of any of it? no.

BUT! i did make it to the tractor pull...

and - just in time!!!

i almost missed the Uncle redneck!!!

look Ma! no hands!!!

did he cause a tractor jam?!

redneck tractor puller in training...

luckily - i didn't miss the Uncle redneck. well - 3 of his 4 pulls i didn't miss. he had 3 tractors out there... the two gorgeously restored and stylin' Allis Chalmers, and this one...

he HAD to take this one so he could maintain his redneck credentials...

don't judge a book by it's cover though...

he won four of these - and one on this tractor!

there were some other pretty cool tractors out there... just don't tell my Uncle i said that, m'kay?

red tractor, red suspenders... "git'r done!!!"

and this one:

i want a roll bar.

after the tractor pull, i made great things.

one of them was "mar.gie":

not only a new pocketbook out of re.cycled FUN - but a new pattern design as well!

THEN: it was senior picture time...

yeah... that's about how it went.

remind me next time to HIRE a photographer - not try to argue with the man-child and his hair for just ONE good photo!!!

since he hated posing for me sooooooooooooo much...

i saw this in an alley and i made him the getaway driver (for the first time EVER) in a dumpster diving expedition.

he KIND OF thought that was amusing... but not as amusing as he found it when i told him i was going to report him to his Grandmother (don't tell her, but he's really not as skeert of her as i am) if he didn't straighten up and let me get good graduation invitation photos...

~to be continued~

Wednesday, May 8


do you remember your high school prom?

your junior year prom? SENIOR YEAR prom?

oh... i do... but i had blocked it all out until a few weeks ago when my man-child reminded me his prom was about to happen, then again when Lendi (The Threadbare Gypsy) mentioned that she and her daughter were going prom dress shopping... I had immediate flashbacks with those double-whammies...

my junior year - i decided (and the household finances also helped with my decision) to design and make my own dress. i was dating a young man that went to another school in Waco (i considered that the BIG CITY at the time...) so i had TWO proms to attend - mine and his! "the Mama" and i made a biggggggg trip to the fabric store - i had my sketch pad out...

i was in designing mode...


oh - the FUN! the THRILL!!!

the dress for his prom was going to be sapphire blue and white... the dress for MY prom was going to be aqua blue with sparkles - both with fun sleeves and lots of "flounce"

imagine this:

the sapphire blue dress was tea-length, blue and white polka dots - lifts at the bottom (secured with eyelet bows) so the ruffles would peak out underneath, big cap sleeves with more eyelet bows... a sweetheart neckline, drop waist... WHITE SHOES... even worse: WHITE HOSE...

the aqua blue was tea-length, satin and lace... FULL super-pouffy LACE cap sleeves, sweetheart neckline, lace cutouts on the bodice that my Mom sat up all night (the night before prom) and sewed her very own crystals in each flower center, drop waist... white shoes...

excuse me for a minute - i think i will go crawl in a fashion hole and not come out...

the HORROR!!!


but i'm not done yet... i still have to shock and awe you with my senior prom dress...

Brandi was my best friend all through high-school. it was a tiny tiny school in the middle of Texas. senior prom was a HUGE DEAL. months of prep and planning... "what am i going to do with my hair?", "who is going to ask me to prom?", "WHAT DRESS WILL I WEAR?!",etc., etc.

well, Brandi and her mom were going to make her senior year prom dress, but neither of them knew what style to make. so - off we go on a day trip to the dress shop. in Waco at the time i think there was only ONE dress shop and it had ballgowns, prom gowns, pageant gowns, bridal gowns... a whole shop full of ruffles and lace and sparkles and flounce and "poof"... a GIRL'S DREAM!!! i will never forget when we walked in -  i sucked in my breath and my eyes didn't know where to go first... i could have moved in to that shop and stayed for the rest of my life! GORGEOUS EVERYWHERE!!!

Brandi started playing around picking out and trying on dresses so that she and her mom had some ideas... i aimed straight for the ball gowns. rows and rows and rows of ruffles...

then i saw it:

the gown of all gowns, the creme of the crop... i swear to you - it had light shining down on it - and i'm not talking late 80's fluorescent light...

it was THE DRESS.

i held my breath, WHISPERED at the sales lady, "oh please, could i try this on?", followed her - pretty much on her heels and within an inch of that dress - to the dressing room... pulled it over my head...

the zipper sounded as sweet as a summer breeze, the petticoats dropped and landed as if they were performing a happy dance of their own, the poufy sleeves settled on my shoulders as if they had come home... the drop waist sat right where it was supposed to and belled out for a mile each direction - making the sweetest music with each breath that i took...

sparkle and sequins and ruffles and petticoats...

that petal pink taffeta, with lace and sparkle pick-ups along the bottom to show even MORE white lace, beaded bodice and drop waist Cinderella dress had been MADE FOR ME.

it was mine...
it was destiny...
it was going to make me the belle of my prom...


i went home and told "the Mama" allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about THE DRESS... for days. weeks. but... i also knew telling her about THE DRESS wasn't going to fix the fact that i was one of three for a single-mama with two jobs - and one of the 3 was in college. talking about THE DRESS wasn't going to make the job that i had (even if i had saved every penny) add up $$ wise to THE DRESS amount... so while talking about THE DRESS i was also trying to come up with a plan B.

my design brain hated plan B, my sewing machine hated plan B, the fabric store hated plan B. i hated plan B...

apparently "the Mama" wasn't a big fan of plan B, BECAUSE:

she jumped through hoops for me to have THE DRESS. and the hoops that she stumbled in, her friend volunteered to keep jumpin' through for her... SERIOUSLY!!! it's a mama-daughter legend of all legends 'cause I WORE THAT DRESS TO MY SENIOR PROM!!!

THE DRESS hung in all of it's majestic dreamy ruffly lacy sparkly glory in my room, then in my bathroom so that i could squeeze by that great giant pile of petticoats and skirt just to hear it rustle all of the morning before prom...

the day of prom came and it was a day as big as THE DRESS. "the Mama" did my hair (think: farrah fawcett wings and an insane amount of hairspray), she did my make-up, gave me her pink pearls to wear (not the ones she had used ritt dye to make pink, but the REAL pink pearls), i donned the white panty hose... and... uhmmm... the white shoes.

In this case though - the white hose and shoes were covered by the 19 layers of petticoats - then the lace - then the taffeta...


my date my senior year was my older brother's best friend. when i was young i TOLD him he would be my date... he should have listened 'cause i never forgot that i had asked him to my senior prom! LOL poor Snydley... he had to hang out with a bunch of high school kids for an evening... but he DID have the prom queen as his date! i think it was more the late 80's/early 90's Cinderella Princess petti-coated ball gown that won the crown than me...

i figured, since you can't "un-see" fashion crimes once you've laid eyes on their atrociousness, i'd show you my son's prom pictures and just let you use your imagination regarding my prom outfits...

you're welcome. *grin*

the man-child flew solo with a couple of wing-men in tow, but then found a dancing and dinner partner once he walked in. he had fun... i think... apparantly prom for a young man is not as important as prom is to a young lady, 'cause... uhmm... he acted like it was a regular Saturday night. LOLOL!!! pffffftttt...

comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where, once-again, "the Mama" pulled the line and hooked the man-child up with a tuxedo... what a fun circle, right? *wink*

p.s.: did i fail to mention that the petal pink taffeta, with lace and sparkle pick-ups along the bottom to show even MORE white lace, beaded bodice and drop waist Cinderella dress had a bow on the back-side the size of Cinderella's pumpkin carriage?

*giggle* i'm resuming memory block-out mode now...
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